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The Movie Anonymous - review by Richard Allan Wagner

The one premise that rings true in the movie Anonymous is that the man we all thought to be the true author of the Shakespearean works was NOT who we thought he was—on that issue the movie is correct, beyond that, everything else is pure fiction.

Tainted by advice from his Oxfordian friends, director Roland Emmerich presents a highly seductive and imaginary scenario depicting Edward de Vere (17th Earl of Oxford) as the genius who wrote the Shakespearean works. But it doesn’t stop there—the scenario also insinuates that de Vere was Queen Elizabeth’s first child, and (in later years) due to an incestuous tryst with the “Virgin Queen”, de Vere is also to have fathered another of “her many bastards”, Henry Wriosthesley” (Earl of Southampton). The great problem with such claims is that there is no tangible smoking gun evidence to back them up. It’s all speculation.

Moreover, the movie Anonymous' depiction of Ben Jonson is another departure from fact. There is no evidence that Jonson ever worked for or collaborated with de Vere in any way. Furthermore, there’s no evidence that de Vere was made lame by receiving a wound to his leg, nor is there any evidence of his having given council to the Earls of Essex and Southampton prior to their rebellion against Queen Elizabeth.

The entire movie is riddled with egregious flaws…
too many to enumerate.

In the end, Emmerich would have us believe that the dying de Vere bequethed all of the Shakespeare manuscripts to an obedient Jonson who then sat on them for the next 19 years before ostensibly overseeing their publication in the 1623 Shakespeare Folio. To make matters worse, Emmerich fails to explain how many of the Shakespeare plays and Sonnets were clearly written well after de Vere’s death, along with massive revisions that were made to a number of the plays between the years 1604 (the year of de Vere’s death) and 1623.

The movie Anonymous is the embodiment of the old adage
If you can’t convince them, confuse them”.

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